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Product History

Long before modern chemical air fresheners, bouquets of fragrant herbs and flowers were used to revitalize the atmosphere in homes. In old stone castles, bouquets of fragrant herbs and flowers were hung around door knobs and shelves as well as scattered over the floors to counteract the musty odors caused by the lack of ventilation.

Before the days of moth balls and insect repellents, herbalists discovered that longer-lasting fragrances could be produced by mixing herbs, flowers and spices with fragrant oils and then aging them. These mixtures, placed into bags were hung in wardrobes were the beginnings of what came to be known as potpourri, sachets and a variety of other fragrant herbal products.

In early homes, herbs had many purposes: freshening the air, repelling insects, discouraging the musty odor of drawers and closets, encouraging sleep, absorbing cooking odors, soothing infants, flavoring meals and treating most illnesses.

The making of potpourri became an art form, thanks to the pleasing fragrances and the infinite combination of colors. Because of the subtle differences in the dry natural ingredients, even if one followed a formula, the finished product would carry in appearance. Potpourri was used as room decoration in beautiful glass containers, handcrafted ceramic pots, carved wooden boxes or in ceramic dishes where the mixture could be viewed while fragrance filled the room. Beautifully embroidered pillows on chairs and sofas were frequently filled with pleasant smelling herbs and flower mixtures. You could hardly find a dresser drawer that did not contain a sachet filled with a mixture of rosebuds and lavender flowers.

Today, as consumers place greater value on the use of natural products, potpourri is enjoying unprecedented worldwide popularity.